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organic • acid-free • heartburn-free

Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Cager's Coffee Hut

Explore our unique coffee flavors and discover the stories behind each cup. Join us in celebrating the journey of blends, sustainability, and passion that we pour into every blend. Experience coffee without compromises – organic, acid-free, and heartburn-free. We're even giving away free samples, just fill out the form to try before you buy.

About Us

At Cager's Coffee Hut, we're not just about coffee; we're about crafting unique journeys for your senses. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is evident in every blend we offer, making each cup a testament to our passion and purpose.

Discover Coffee Without Compromises

Dive into a World of Flavor, Minus the Discomfort

  • Fearless Blend: Embark on an adventure with our Fearless Blend – a fusion of Sumatra, Brazilian, and Robusta beans that create a daring and full-bodied experience.

  • Blame It On The Volcano Blend: Experience the taste of a volcanic eruption with this delightful blend sourced entirely from Guatemala.

  • Smooth Jazz Blend: Indulge in the soothing harmony of our Smooth Jazz Blend, a melodious fusion of Brazilian and Mexican beans.

Our Story

Crafting Coffee for Comfort and Joy

Our journey began with a need – a need for coffee that didn't cause discomfort. Our owner, Janise, was facing the possibility of giving up coffee due to its acidity and the heartburn it caused. On top of that, her teeth were yellowing. Determined to enjoy her coffee, we set out to create blends that are not only rich in flavor but also organic, acid-free, and gentle on your stomach. Our blends are crafted to bring you the joy of coffee without the discomfort.

Join the Journey

Experience the Joy of Coffee

Choose from our diverse selection of blends and let us take you on a journey like no other. After all, every great day begins with a great cup of coffee. Shop Now and immerse yourself in the world of Cager's Coffee Hut.

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